Our spacious 3's classroom has its own bathroom and sink with direct access to the playground and drop off/ pick up. This class welcomes up to 15 students.

Our large classroom was split to accommodate 2 smaller classes with social distancing. One has a portable sink outside the room and uses the 3-stall bathroom at the end of the hallway. The other has its own bathroom with toilet and sink. Both classes have their cubbies outside the classrooms and their own drop off/pick up separate entrances. Each class can have up to 12 students.

​​We are conveniently located at the corner of Chestnut Street and Grant Avenue in Roselle Park, across from the municipal parking lot. Our main entrance is on East Grant Avenue, by the Preschool's white sign. Parking is also available in the Church lot. The outside doors are always locked. Visitors must ring the main doorbell to talk to the main office for an appointment.  

Community Preschool    

301 Chestnut St., Roselle Park, NJ     

Telephone: 908.245.8651 


We have 2 separate areas for outdoor playtime. The fenced-in playground has playhouses, climbing structures, a tunnel, outdoor building blocks, diggers, basketball hoops and a sandbox. 

The blacktop area is enjoyed with our trikes, push cars, wagons, chalks and bubbles. We occasionally meet in the Pastor's yard for special events like a dance and mouvement class or a picnic.

​Children spend at least 30 minutes outside each day. 

Our 2's classroom has a portable sink and for more privacy, the changing table is in the ladies room right across the hall. It has an outside door for drive by drop off/pick up.  This class can have 10 children with ample room to run around.

 est. 1965