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   Children in our in training program are ready to reinforce toileting at school and learn a variety of self-help skills. It is         crucial to develop a trusting relation both with you and with your child, as they are in a very important developmental           milestone. Teachers' support and consistency from home are successful ingredients.         

   To take part in this program, children must be at least 36 months old by October 1st, and must be working on using         the toilet. They are be able to let teachers know when they did or when they need to use the bathroom. The children in         training are willing to try and sit on the toilet and no longer be interested in being changed lying down on the changing         table. Teachers will work hand in hand with you and your child to facilitate a successful toilet training experience. 

   Pull ups, wipes, and plenty of extra underwear must be sent to school. Note that underwear soiled with a bowel             movement will be handled like diapers and disposed of.


    Drop off is directly at the classroom door, which allows you to drive by or walk, and have a quick chat with the                      teachers if need be. With daily communication through the Class Dojo application, you will see pictures and videos along      with captions of what happened during the day. The Dojo app. also offers a messaging system for direct communication        with the teachers and Director.

    We keep a low ratio of 1 adult to 5 children (half of the State's permitted ratio) so everyone receives the attention and          care they need.

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