June 23 to August 20, 2021

  The Summer Fun program runs from late June through mid-August. 

  The schedule includes: circle time, arts and crafts, music, stories,

  snack time, group games, directed learning activities,

  and free play experiences both indoors and outdoors.  

  Our creatively planned activities are appropriate for the age and developmental level of the children. We encourage the

  development of language, thinking and problem-solving skills, curiosity, large and small muscles, social competence,   

  self-esteem and positive self-identity, all within a loving and safe environment.

  Children enjoy various water activities and outdoor play time on a well-equipped playground which includes a sandbox, 

  play houses, diggers, wooden building blocks and a tunnel.  There is also the option of riding one of our many tricycles 

  and wagons, playing ball, soccer, basketball, playing with bubbles or chalk and so much more. 

  During inclement weather, an indoor room is available for large muscle activities with climbing and sliding equipment,     

  gymnastic mats, ball play and parachute activities, to name a few. Daily activities are offered in a less formal setting   

  than during the school year. Information about fees, hours, and registration are available in February.  

      Summer Hours and Tuition            


                                                                                                  SPACE IS LIMITED.... REGISTER EARLY!!

​                                                                                                          For children ages 2 to under 6

                                                                                            To complete the registration process we will need:                                                                                                              1. Registration Form completed and signed

                                                                                              2.  $60 *administration Fee

                                                                                              3.  *one full session or *2 weeks worth of tuition 

                                                                                              4.  One time $35 *student supplies and cleaning fees  

                                                                                                   (*fees are non-refundable)​​        

                                                                                            Before the first day you must hand in:

                                                                                             ​​- Immunization Record 

                                                                                             - Universal Health Record Form completed by a doctor

                                                                                             - The Safer Practice Sick Policy Covid Form

                                                                                                - The Parent Checklist Form


      Your child may not begin school without all of the paperwork completed properly and handed to the office.

      *Administration fee and tuition fee are non refundable under any circumstances. Missed days may not be           swapped or credited toward another week, session, or child. 

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Summer Session 1 is now FULL!

   Summer Session 1 is now FULL

  Summer Fun Program