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       FULL DAY Monthly Tuition

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 You can pay for your child's tuition using a debit/credit card.
 Cards Accepted: VISA - MASTERCARD - DISCOVER through PayPal

2021-2022 Monthly Tuition Payment 

2021-2022: Half Days
2021-2022 Full Days




       Administration Fee               Monthly Tuition:                    Student Supplies
                 $62.10                              Late Fees                   for the school year $36.40


8-8:45am or 3:45-4:15pm
After Care 3:45-5:00pm


       HALF DAY Monthly Tuition

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**includes processing fees**



                               *BEFORE CARE: 8-8:45 am               *AFTER CARE: 3:45-5:00 pm**
*AFTER CARE: 3:45-4:45 pm

                                  5 days       $115/month                          5 days        $165/month
                                  3 days       $75/month                            3 days        $110/month      
                                  2 days       $50/month                            2 days        $80/ month

                                  *pay-per-day   $10/day                          *pay-per-day    $20/day    

   * You must sign up in the office and pay one day prior to the day requested to ensure that we have staff available.

​   ** Must have a minimum of 2 children enrolled in after care 5:00 pm for the program to be available.

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